Plenty reasons to throw a party

28 July 2012

I have seen too many hospitals last year, now feeling better than ever, so plenty reason for throwing a party !

Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers

13 December 2011

CSR , make sure to stay close to your roots.
Heineken does it with this new campaign to promote moderate drinking. well done.

Taking things for granted ….

25 October 2011

When living in the Middle East you stop taking things for granted.

And that’s not a bad thing.

On the other hand …. X factor and other Talent shows are not all BS …

Please have a look… really don’t know what to say ….



Scroll down or left ? that’s the question ?

9 July 2011

Where I live now, people read from right to left. That’s different from where I was born. It’s not easy but you can get used to it.

If you compare it to how we are used to reading on the web from top to bottom by scrolling down, that’s now also changing from vertical to horizontal. It allows to put content into (3D) perspective.

It can also maybe solve the discussion web designers and developers are having frequently … what’s above or below the fold ?

Nice example is Memolane

Mobile advertising gives great opportunities

18 June 2011

mobile advertising has targetting possibilities beyond any other medium. for Nokia E7 we target iPhone users. simple . like bidding on competitor keywords ….

New Service for anyone who has a secret …

22 December 2010

New movie about Google better than Facebook the movie

31 October 2010

As always… the book is better.

When do we get the Movie about Google ?

Do you have 48 minutes ?

Have a look at this documentary from Bloomberg  ” The game changers”

heb wel eens een slechtere site gezien…

18 September 2010

Deze site staat bol van vers gebakken werk te herkennen aan een klein subtiel geel kopje met daarin de letters nieuw. Logisch.

Natuurlijk kunt U ook genieten van ons oudere werk.
Kortom het verzameld werk van VANABBETOTVESSEM in een nieuw jasje.
Mocht U het niet eens zijn met de inhoud van de site dan kunt u hierover natuurlijk met ons corresponderen.
Wij wensen U eindeloos veel kijk en luister plezier.

Met de complimenten van Ronald van Vessem en Michiel van Abbe.

En dan is het nu tijd om op onderstaande link te klikken!


VANABBETOTVESSEM – Creative Something.

Shoot the bear… just in case you missed it

8 September 2010

Culture difference

3 August 2010

5 months ago I started living and traveling in the Middle East. to summarize from a comms perspective every day small and sometimes even big surprises. just 2 examples:

Bavaria alcohol free beer is in Teheran no.1 fashionable drink under 25 years. they have never advertised. Facebook is not allowed in Iran but 50% have a FB profile !!

People drink Pocari Sweat. brrrrrrrr bah bah …. sweat has a negative context for most people or not ?