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What makes you horny ?

27 January 2010

What makes you horny is a Barcamp-style event, an unconference, breaking the rules of a regular conference. A succesful BarCamp is a BarCamp in which everyone is participating.

Today we were gathering a full afternoon with a selected group (60 people ) of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, multinationals, venture capitalists and agencies in BoCinq, the hippest new place in Amsterdam, to share  thoughts on What makes you horny !

25 presentations of 10 minutes each.

My personal top 3 :

1) Denis Guys ; upside down is the new straight up #dokterdenis

2) Alper Cugun ; data is the new gold #alper

3) Justus Bruns ; timesquare2artsquare #ts2as

Voor een verslag in het Nederlands…zie Robert Doggers op Marketingfacts